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Weather ticker with illuminating features

Using our weather ticker, you can display a variety of data such as rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, average temperature, humidity, etc.  Not just that, the display is capable of the weather forecast, barometric pressure, as well as high and low records so that you can easily know when it is going to rain and when it is going to be hot outside.

The Weather ticker display collects data from multiple reliable sources and analyses them through a cutting-edge weather prediction model to display accurate data without any error. Its illuminating display with manual and auto-dimming brightness helps you read the data with ease.

Weather forecast ticker
Weather ticker tape

Self-calibrating forecast

The weather forecast ticker display has best self-calibrating feature to pull data from your given source with 100% accuracy. You can choose to display weekly, monthly, and all-time high and low records. Also, it can display data time and date (month/day) wise to help you read the data with ease.

As it is simply software that runs in the background, it’s accuracy doesn’t hamper even if you chose to display outdoor. Rather it is about the hardware you are using that bears the outside heat, rain, and snow. Make sure you purchase the right hardware from Wink Ticker to ensure a long performance.

Top benefits of using our weather Ticker software

We provide customized weather ticker streams to meet your requirements with ease. With real-time display of information on the screen, it’s easy to show weather reports of many cities at a time. Thus, it is very useful for news agencies or any institution looking for real-time information on weather forecast from a reliable source.

You can choose to display data in multiple light settings to easily read various metrics such as humidity, rain fall, average temp, etc. easily. The software can comfortably display as much data as you want either horizontally or vertically.

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