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Weather Ticker

Always stay weather-ready with our all-advanced weather ticker software. We take pride in providing our customers with real-time info on weather changes, temperature, humidity, etc. Our software effortlessly syncs with major weather channels to provide you with genuine and more efficient data. You can also choose to set your ticker to display additional details like wind direction, wind speed, rain, and other essential factors. What’s more? Personalizing the software to get next week’s weather info is also easy.

The panels are provided with illuminated colour displays with an in-built dimmer for better visualization effects. With vivid customization options, the panels can be given any dimension or shape as required by our customers. Similarly, to make it more appealing, we have added several weather icons which automatically pops-up with each weather update. You can either choose to keep the ticker on a loop or reshuffle between the coming days’ weather conditions.

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