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A standard solution to display Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites due to its short messages, also known as “tweets”.  In a business world, tweets play an important role to make a message viral in less time. In this regard, most companies prefer to display updates from a specific tweeter feed throughout the day to keep them updated on a real-time basis.

In this regard, our LED twitter ticker display to stream and scroll twitter feeds pops up as an ideal solution. You can choose to display as many tweets as possible or can reshuffle between more than 2 tweets in a pre-occurrence order. You can explore our hardware section – starting from indoor to outdoor application models- to see which one is your ideal bet to display twitter feeds.

LED twitter ticker
LED twitter display

A single application to address multiple requirements

Our twitter ticker can be useful to display essential information your business and customers are concerned with. For example, you can use the ticker tape to display tweets about your company from various people as well news from various sources in connection to your business. Just go for a standard display on the walls of your office reception and you’re all set to take your visitors by surprise.

The application can be useful to display any essential tweets related to various business dimensions such as stock market data, sports, pandemic news, etc. As you keep your customers, employees and visitors occupied with essential knowledge supplement, your brand value increases.

Easy to setup, run and customize

You can display content from any number of sources such as sports, finance, news, entertainment, RSS, etc. Its working process is pretty simple. Just you have login to your Twitter account from ticker setting and once authorized, add the twitter content -you are good to go. Using it strategically will help you establish a personal connection with your customers.

At Wink Ticker, we have a myriad of led hardware to display your Twitter messages in various heights and resolutions. They are of robust quality and best in the industry to offer you longevity. Moreover, if you need custom solutions, we have you covered too.

Scrolling twitter ticker