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Organize different Time Zones with ease

With time zone LED ticker you can display the current local times of different countries worldwide. The application strategically displays the time in digital numbers that one can read even from a distance. If you are running a business where keeping track of different time zones is essential, consider this application from Wink Ticker as your ideal bet.

Our Time Zone ticker comes with a customized application to get the type of display you want. For example, you can go for static display or can scroll the data throughout the feed. Also, you can choose to display the time for each zone in different colors for an easy viewing experience.

Time zone ticker
LED time zone ticker

One ticker – multiple benefits

The time zone ticker displays data with unique colors for each time zone separately. Also, you can go for customized digit display which can be either solid or dotted. The best part is you will get distinct and easy-to-read numerals with auto-data synchronization.

We store all the data on a cloud platform for your easy retrieval. You can access them at any point. Plus, you can display only time or can add day of the week as well – customized application to change elements at your ease.

Give it a customized display with right hardware

If your business needs keeping a track of time from different time zones simultaneously, this software ticker would be your ideal bet. Most corporates prefer to display time zone tickers on the walls vertically – running from one end to the other.

However, it completely depends upon the hardware you’re using for the display. If the hardware is long enough to cover the entire length of the wall, you can choose to display multiple time zones side by side. Also, you can choose to display the time zones horizontally- four above and four below, the way you like.

LED time zone clock