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How to best use LED Sports Ticker to your advantage

Sports tickers could be your ideal bet to add a surprise element for your visitors provided you know how to use them the best way possible. In this regard, here are some cool tips to get you started.   > Redefine a Game Day’s experience using sports ticker The most common idea that comes to one’s head upon hearing the term “ticker”, they picture a Wall Street trading floor, with stock quotes flashing on with cryptic symbols. However, tickers can also be used to display sports scores to a larger crowd in places like casinos, bars, entertainment hubs, auditoriums, etc. If you are a business owner who has to cater to larger audiences who also happen to be sports enthusiasts, try using a sports ticker to give your customers the closest experience to the big game. You can display the latest scores and all the sports stats available on the ticker.   > To personalize your space With the growing trends of “man caves” and other family spaces of recreation, a lot of people, especially sports fanatics, have taken up the idea of sports themed retreats. If you have something similar on your mind, you can also use an LED [...]

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