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Five best applications of LED tickers in the industry

LED tickers are the best mode of displaying important information in your office or business area for your customers. However, they are not limited to the stock or sports industry only. Nowadays, you can request led tickers for custom applications too. Here are some examples of how to make the best use of LED tickers.   1. Helping people when they are on the move Unlike other common applications of the LED tickers, their usage in the transport industry is comparatively new. Ideal for transport message signs, they can come really handy in displaying emergency updates. Unlike physical boards that need manual changing every time, there is a new piece of information, LED ticker can be easily set for automatic updates. So, no matter if it's a diversion ahead or a work in progress, drivers can use the data to stay prepared or even choose a way that is having less traffic. This is also why you can find these displays equipped at airports, car parking, bus and coach stations, etc.   2> Updating data at receptions and digital lobbies Nowadays, almost all companies and industries are using LED tickers to display updated information to their customers at the reception [...]

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