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Enriching visual experiences with Stock ticker display

Combining skillful artistry and ultramodern technology, we at Wink Ticker help you captivate the undivided attention of your users with a remarkable LED stock ticker display. Now you can display stock quotes of indices, securities, Currency Exchanges, Cryptocurrency and commodity with our LED stock ticker tape display.

Stock ticker will show an immediate rise or downfall in unique font styles with up and down symbols in their respective red and green colors. Also, as the software is completely customizable, you can choose to display data in different colors other than just red and green. For example, you can choose to display the company name in different color than its trade data.

Stock ticker display
Stock ticker display for home

Wide range of Industry application

Our skilled artisans and technicians work hard to enriching all types of indoor/outdoor ambiances. We install digital billboards displaying indices/stock information at stock exchanges, educational institutions, business hubs, corporate offices, Sports bar and many more. The software has not received any complaint yet in terms of performance or accuracy.

We cover all US & Canadian securities, including NYSE, NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, and Vancouver Stock Exchange. We can also integrate bond yield coverage, indices like Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500, TSE 300, and more. All you need is to let us know about your custom display requirement and the source from which you want to collect data, our technicians will do the rest for you.

Wink stock ticker display meets your custom requirements

Our stock ticker tape can easily integrate with media-friendly settings to update your information through real-time feeds. Your stock exchange not listed here!! No problem our stock ticker is intelligently programmed to include any data source based on client’s requirement.

These displays are available for you in a budget price as well as with customization. All you need is to ping us with your requirement and we will take care the rest for you. What’s more? The fantastic LED stock ticker tapes are available with Wi-Fi connection also. In case, you are also looking for hardware supplies for display, consider Wink Ticker as your ideal bet. Check out our hardware type to see the options available.

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