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Real-time sports updates on the go

Our sports ticker keeps you posted with important updates from selected sports category including space for other relevant information for your knowledge update. It can be useful for you if you’re running a sports bar or a casino.

It is an ideal must-have accessory for your sports room or man cave scoreboards. Apart from feeding live content from the directory, it can display scores, odds, and breaking news in a rich color format. It displays each element so brightly that one can view it from a fair distance.

Sports ticker display
Custom sports ticker

Fully Customizable Sports bar ticker

The software is fully customizable to fix display orders as you like. Starting from background color to appearance of elements, you can customize everything on your own. Whether you’re looking for vertical or ceiling mount or circular arrangement, a single software application can simultaneously run content on multiple interconnected hardware tickers.

We constantly update our software with new features to add more convenience to your overall experience. The application auto updates the software in the background, without requiring your periodic interference. Our technicians can also help you in the same, at no extra service cost.

Loaded with exclusive features

Apart from display scores, our sports ticker can be used to track player, game, and season stats. You can use for built-in source or use your favorite source for detailed and accurate sports data collection. Just integrate it to a reliable source and the software will take care of the rest.

Our ticker display comes with crystal clear LED technology complying with the latest display and communications protocol standards. Our Secured data storage on a cloud platform further allows you to store your valuable data and recall it at the tip of your finger. Our sports ticker software program is very easy to install and goes seamless from start to finish. The entire display will leave a “wow” effect on your visitors.

Sports ticker for man cave