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Display real-time RSS feeds

The RSS ticker displays the rapid change of information on the web in a clean and organized manner. It allows you to track updates about recent blog posts, Twitter feeds, forex rates, stock market info, government alerts, and many more. Its user-friendly interface features high rendering capacity facilitating smooth scrolling and sharp text and numbers.

Each RSS feed contains a title and a description. The ‘title’ includes a small excerpt of an article, while the ‘description’ summarizes the content in a few words. It displays the recent articles of a website and allows you to customize the number of feed items. You can display them in different colors to make them appear distinct from a distance.

RSS Ticker
RSS news ticker

Super compatibility and offline accessibility

Our RSS feeder is functional even there is no internet. The ticker player will display feeds from the temporary cache of the last feed update. Each load will display feeds from previous loads until the next update. On top of that, it also allows you to store your data securely on a cloud platform of your choice.

The ticker is compatible with multiple RSS News feeds. It comes with a built-in software allowing you to easily integrate an RSS news feed and play it on the ticker board instantly. Don’t worry, our technical experts are here to take care of these minute details with ease.

Frequent updates to keep you posted with latest RSS news feeds

You can choose to refresh the RSS feed in as per a customized time interval. For example, if it’s about displaying sports updates, you can choose to update it once in every 1 minute. Likewise, you can choose to display feeds in four personalized and customized designs- Circular, vertical, corner, and outdoor, befitting the unique requirement of modern workspace.

Our RSS tickers are highly used in media agencies, marketing organizations, and sectors like lifestyle, entertainment, retail, etc. The integrated AI tracks the subscribed webpages and displays the updated feeds as soon as they hit the website.

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