LED Stock Ticker Myths Debunked

//LED Stock Ticker Myths Debunked

LED Stock Ticker Myths Debunked

If you’re in confusion whether to go for stock tickers or not, probably you have come across any of the following myths from any unreliable source. Check them out.


Top myths related to LED Stock Tickers


LED Stock Tickers are a huge investment

While it is true that LED tickers can have a one-time cost, it is far from true that they are expensive investments. If anything, LED tickers are rather cost effective in the longer run. Compared to other displays like standard lighting, monitors, signage, or electronic displays, tickers can come much cheaper as they are very energy-efficient. Apart from that, the LED stock tickers that you see around you all the time are highly durable and can withstand the test of time. Tickers are suitable for almost all spaces including retail, the gaming, bars, military and naval operations, medical facilities, commerce as well as the household. They can really have the endurance to go through almost all weather conditions. So you will not have to spend much on maintenance or repairs.


LED Stock Tickers can be used for displaying stocks only

This is more of a huge misunderstanding and less of a myth. The term “stock ticker” became synonymous with the term “ticker” over the years and is now used interchangeably. A ticker was traditionally used by stock exchanges to display stock market fluctuations and by banks to showcase currency rates, interest rates, etc. But as time progressed they were used for multiple purposes. With recent developments in technology and architecture, LED Tickers are incorporated into artistic and informative displays for commercial and industrial spaces. So a “stock ticker” can actually be used to broadcast almost anything one wishes to.


LED tickers are not suitable for the day

While this might have been true for the older variations of tickers, for LED tickers this is quite untrue. LED displays today come inbuilt with a variety of configurations. However, tickers do vary from one to other in terms of brightness, contrast, and color ratios. Therefore it is important to do your own research before choosing a model for your business. The factor that you have to keep in mind before going for a ticker is what you are using the display for and what feature requirements are of value to you or business.

All being said, despite all the differences in models they are made to withstand even the harshest of sunlight and therefore you should not worry much about the sunlight readability.


LED tickers are just for displaying data

This is perhaps the saddest of all myths associated with LED tickers. Although you are more familiar with the traditional application of tickers, technological advancements have made it easier for businesses of all kinds to use for their communications strategies. Some of the benefits of using LED tickers for your business are:

  • Inform, attract, and educate your audience/customers with customized messages
  • Promote your business to visitors
  • Save space while still being visible from a distance
  • Reduce marketing costs in terms of static signs, posters, white boards, etc.
  • LED tickers can be made flexible to fit practically any shape or surface
  • Maximize the brand visibility of your business
  • Make information catchy and lively
  • LED tickers go on for 24/7


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