How to best use LED Sports Ticker to your advantage

//How to best use LED Sports Ticker to your advantage

How to best use LED Sports Ticker to your advantage

Sports tickers could be your ideal bet to add a surprise element for your visitors provided you know how to use them the best way possible. In this regard, here are some cool tips to get you started.


> Redefine a Game Day’s experience using sports ticker

The most common idea that comes to one’s head upon hearing the term “ticker”, they picture a Wall Street trading floor, with stock quotes flashing on with cryptic symbols. However, tickers can also be used to display sports scores to a larger crowd in places like casinos, bars, entertainment hubs, auditoriums, etc.

If you are a business owner who has to cater to larger audiences who also happen to be sports enthusiasts, try using a sports ticker to give your customers the closest experience to the big game. You can display the latest scores and all the sports stats available on the ticker.


> To personalize your space

With the growing trends of “man caves” and other family spaces of recreation, a lot of people, especially sports fanatics, have taken up the idea of sports themed retreats. If you have something similar on your mind, you can also use an LED sports ticker display in your man cave to not only add a sporty edge to the space, but also an exciting place to hang out with your buddies or family.


> Make your sports bar stand out

Even if you own a bar or a sports themed cafe, and want to create the casino-like atmosphere you can add an LED sports ticker to your bar and viola! Ranging from various sizes, you will definitely find a ticker that is suitable for your bar. You can run live odds, live scores, up to date results, run RSS sports news and can even add custom messages on the ticker. A full color LED sports ticker also brings the added advantage of streaming schedules, tournaments, game leagues- all live. This is a feature that is going to attract the right crowd to your business and definitely increase sales.


> Hardware types of tickers to choose from

As mentioned earlier, LED tickers come in different shapes and sizes keeping in mind the diverse demands. Some of the most popular types of tickers available in the market are :

  1. Straight: This is the most common type of ticker that you will often find around the business complexes. They are also the most common form of sports ticker. While the average sports ticker is around 30 feet in length, customizations can be made upon request.
  2. Wrap Corners: If you have smaller walls, you do not have to worry about the placement of a big straight ticker. Wrap corner LED tickers are very much in trend now and are especially designed to wrap around the four walls of smaller rooms. Such displays are designed to take all corners in stride: inside corners, outside corners, and even custom angles
  3. Flexible Curve: When it comes to modern architecture, there are a lot of curved geometrical surfaces at play, such as serpentine, concave, or convex. A flexible curve sports ticker can be mounted on almost any surface without having to custom engineer its shape.
  4. Ceiling mounted: Although most tickers are wall mounted, more and more businesses are opting for ceiling mounted tickers for its aesthetic appeal and because it takes up less room. However, before opting for ceiling mounted tickets, keep in mind that they leverage about ½” NPT conduit


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