Five best applications of LED tickers in the industry

//Five best applications of LED tickers in the industry

Five best applications of LED tickers in the industry

LED tickers are the best mode of displaying important information in your office or business area for your customers. However, they are not limited to the stock or sports industry only. Nowadays, you can request led tickers for custom applications too. Here are some examples of how to make the best use of LED tickers.


1. Helping people when they are on the move

Unlike other common applications of the LED tickers, their usage in the transport industry is comparatively new. Ideal for transport message signs, they can come really handy in displaying emergency updates. Unlike physical boards that need manual changing every time, there is a new piece of information, LED ticker can be easily set for automatic updates. So, no matter if it’s a diversion ahead or a work in progress, drivers can use the data to stay prepared or even choose a way that is having less traffic. This is also why you can find these displays equipped at airports, car parking, bus and coach stations, etc.


2> Updating data at receptions and digital lobbies

Nowadays, almost all companies and industries are using LED tickers to display updated information to their customers at the reception point. The tickers are sure to brighten up the lobby space. Not only are they designed to upgrade data much faster, but you can also use custom message with easy-to-use software. Hence, you can welcome, inform, direct, and even impress your customers with small informational messages with these tickers.


3. Speeding communication between military bases

Probably one of the most beneficial uses of LED tickers is their ability to transmit efficient and updated information within no time. As military bases are often based at difficult-to-reach places, solely depending upon the Internet or manual transmission is not always possible. In such cases, the hoardings can prove to be of great help in transmitting the information to various channels at a given time. LED tickers can also display crucial information like status warning details, safety information, military visitors welcoming, current security status, etc., with ease.


4. Posing as Scoreboards

Sports LED tickers are must-have accessories for all sports bars and casinos nowadays, thanks to their larger-than-life size display. Easily customizable as required, the software aids users to add or remove any column they want with a few steps. Available in various sizes, you can choose whichever size fits the best for your shop or bar. Similarly, investing in a good quality ticker will also ensure that your customers keep coming back for more every time.


5. Displaying Stock and Financial ticker data

One of the first things that come into mind when talking about tickers is the hoardings displayed on large corporate offices, with updates on the financial market. They can keep you posted with updated information 24/7 from various newswire systems such as Bloomberg, Reuters, and other major websites. As in this industry, data transmission plays a major role in gathering profits; LED tickers can come in handy in many ways.


End Thoughts

If you still don’t find LED tickers of any use for your business, or you are confused about how to make the best use of them, let the experts of Wink Ticker guide you. Drop us a message, and we will make sure to meet your need for quality custom LED ticker (software and hardware) with ease.

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