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Your search for Custom Ticker solutions ends here

If you have been looking for custom ticker solutions, Wink Ticker is here for you. No matter what type of custom message you want to display, our software application can help you show them with high readability score. In case you want to build a new trading lab or news room, our experts can help you set up the application to meet your custom message display needs with ease.

We have served 100+ offices in North America and throughout the globe and have helped 300+ entrepreneurs to create state-of-the-art corporate rooms with our bespoke custom ticker solutions. The best part of our custom ticker software is that you have 100% liberty to customize it as per your taste and requirement.

Custom LED display
Custom LED Ticker Sign

Pull data from multiple sources, display images too!

While our other software tickers (such as RSS, Twitter, Weather, etc.) are best for pulling data from a single source, custom software ticker gives you the liberty to display anything from any valid source. For example, you can choose to display top headlines from a news source or replies to your post on Twitter. The application can seamlessly display data as per your preferred style (left-right, or Top-bottom) on the hardware.

You can display images and logos as well. The software provides the channel to do that. Our technical staffs can help you synchronize them and advise you the right size of hardware required for displaying the images without any hassle.

Free consultation and complete installation guide

With 10 years of experience into custom ticker application set up, we can help you choose the best mode of customization. We help you not just with right hardware or software but also in micromanaging them for an optimum performance. For example, you can customize the speed of data scrolling and the intensity of display keeping your audience in mind.

There is no limit to the customization with Wink Ticker. You can let us know about your custom display requirement and we will make sure to meet your needs with a budget-friendly package. Don’t forget to check our custom hardware solutions as well.

Custom LED Ticker