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Currency Exchange Ticker

Want to display exchange rates between multiple currencies at your office? Let our currency exchange ticker help you. The scroll bar can show you as many exchanges as you want with a clear and crisp LED display. You can choose your own layouts- vertical, horizontal, circular, etc. to match your walls. We offer GUI software so that you can address a large mass of audience from different geographical area. With exotic lights to stream on, the currency exchange ticker is a visual treat for eyes.

You can swim through multiple currencies, display notifications, pop up important messages, and many more through our robust software. We have completed several hundreds of installation as of now over many brokerage firms, banks, and other financial institutions. No matter what kind of custom project you have, we can provide standard currency exchange tickers for your indoors and outdoors with ease. Just give us a call and we will take care of your complete LED ticket tape installation.

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