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An iconic way to track currency exchange market

A currency exchange ticker automatically displays the current exchange rate of currencies in the forex market. It shows the ticks, pips, and points, including other relevant information. Currency exchange ticker is typically suited for central banks, corporate clients, commercial banks, hedge funds, and money managers. Organizations can use tickers to keep an eye on the forex market to hedge currency risks from foreign transactions.

Our currency exchange ticker program allows you to display the latest currency rates on a larger-than-life LED display. It serves as a productive tool for monitoring the latest currency rates and forward rates without logging in to any website.

LED Currency Exchange Ticker Display
Currency Exchange Ticker Sign

Multi-variant features

A currency exchange ticker displays the spot level of all currencies and currency exchanges from authentic sources. It comprises the current LTP, High and low rates, forward rates too. Some premium widgets can also display the FX matrix, forward rates, OTC markets, pivot points, real-time FX news, and data up to 7 days old. Users can access information in the captivating color format from a distance.

The ticker displays any change in market rates by the color red or green. The red color indicates a fall in price, while the green color indicates a risen price. Meanwhile, you can use the color blue or white for unchanged values. User can also change default colors scheme if want to.

Highly customizable

Yes, you can customize your currency exchange ticker widget. For example, you can select the number of currencies, pair of currencies, forward rates you want to display in the ticker. You can use it on popular operating systems (Windows, iOS, Linux) and receive customized MIS reports from credible and verified sources.

Serves as a proactive client engagement tool, our currency exchange ticker comes with Auto-refresh feature display latest market rates in real-time. Plus, it supports cloud storage, allowing you to store and retrieve currency trends on the fly.

LED finance Ticker Display