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A good way to show daily crypto update

With this cryptocurrency ticker display help people make an easy decision by quickly reading different types of cryptocurrencies, know the current price, and analyze the trend for past weeks/months. With so many options for customization, it makes reading data so much easy and fun.

As it is a customized cryptocurrency ticker, you can choose to display multiple data against a particular coin. For example, it can show only the coin name and the change in value or display other sets of data such as market cap, volume in currency, circulating supply, etc.

Cryptocurrency Ticker Display
Cryptocurrency Ticker Sign

Real-time market information on crypto

Show real-time data with multiple indicators and get auto refreshed results in every minute. The state-of-the-art technology auto synch data flawlessly to give you an error-free display. As it collects data with ultra-low latency, you can rest assured about its superior data accuracy and reliability. Use Wink cryptocurrency ticker to display Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and many more.

It depends on the mode of display you’re choosing. For example, if you want to display them through LED hardware, it’s impossible to show candlesticks and charts on them. However, if you choose to display data on an external TV screen, you can easily display tables and charts.

Fast data processing and auto software update

The wink cryptocurrency ticker display comes with an auto-update feature. You can either choose to update it manually or can set it for auto-updates for a seamless operation. Otherwise, our technical expert can update you when it’s time to update.

Usually, it has been programmed to update data once every minute, but user can change it if you want to reduce the time frame. However, rest assured that its data process is fully optimized to ensure high performance. This is perfect for any business looking to crypto trading or dependent on their fluctuating values on a real-time basis.

Bitcoin Ticker Display