Why are weather tickers in demand?

Weather tickers are one of the easiest ways to display up-to-date weather information for your business needs. However, rumors are circling around that weather tickers are not as effective as they seem to be, which is completely false. In fact, weather tickers are in more demand than ever before for the following reasons.   1. Helps in staying updated on weather changes No wonder weather tickers are nowadays a hot choice amongst offices and even shops for various reasons. However, the preferable point behind their immense popularity is the data they provide. Imagine starting the day with a quick update of the weather. Don't you think it will simplify your future decisions for the day a lot easier? As the name suggests, these hoardings display real-time information on weather conditions, including future forecasts. Thus, individuals can then determine their future actions or plan out activities more appropriately. Similarly, the rise in the levels of environmental pollution has spiked up irregularities in the weather conditions. However, thanks to these advanced weather tickers, meteorologists are able to warn the public beforehand about any potential weather extremities. Top of that they also works well with stock ticker display.   2. Predicts any future [...]

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Five best applications of LED tickers in the industry

LED tickers are the best mode of displaying important information in your office or business area for your customers. However, they are not limited to the stock or sports industry only. Nowadays, you can request led tickers for custom applications too. Here are some examples of how to make the best use of LED tickers.   1. Helping people when they are on the move Unlike other common applications of the LED tickers, their usage in the transport industry is comparatively new. Ideal for transport message signs, they can come really handy in displaying emergency updates. Unlike physical boards that need manual changing every time, there is a new piece of information, LED ticker can be easily set for automatic updates. So, no matter if it's a diversion ahead or a work in progress, drivers can use the data to stay prepared or even choose a way that is having less traffic. This is also why you can find these displays equipped at airports, car parking, bus and coach stations, etc.   2> Updating data at receptions and digital lobbies Nowadays, almost all companies and industries are using LED tickers to display updated information to their customers at the reception [...]

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How to best use LED Sports Ticker to your advantage

Sports tickers could be your ideal bet to add a surprise element for your visitors provided you know how to use them the best way possible. In this regard, here are some cool tips to get you started.   > Redefine a Game Day’s experience using sports ticker The most common idea that comes to one’s head upon hearing the term “ticker”, they picture a Wall Street trading floor, with stock quotes flashing on with cryptic symbols. However, tickers can also be used to display sports scores to a larger crowd in places like casinos, bars, entertainment hubs, auditoriums, etc. If you are a business owner who has to cater to larger audiences who also happen to be sports enthusiasts, try using a sports ticker to give your customers the closest experience to the big game. You can display the latest scores and all the sports stats available on the ticker.   > To personalize your space With the growing trends of “man caves” and other family spaces of recreation, a lot of people, especially sports fanatics, have taken up the idea of sports themed retreats. If you have something similar on your mind, you can also use an LED [...]

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LED Stock Ticker Myths Debunked

If you’re in confusion whether to go for stock tickers or not, probably you have come across any of the following myths from any unreliable source. Check them out.   Top myths related to LED Stock Tickers   LED Stock Tickers are a huge investment While it is true that LED tickers can have a one-time cost, it is far from true that they are expensive investments. If anything, LED tickers are rather cost effective in the longer run. Compared to other displays like standard lighting, monitors, signage, or electronic displays, tickers can come much cheaper as they are very energy-efficient. Apart from that, the LED stock tickers that you see around you all the time are highly durable and can withstand the test of time. Tickers are suitable for almost all spaces including retail, the gaming, bars, military and naval operations, medical facilities, commerce as well as the household. They can really have the endurance to go through almost all weather conditions. So you will not have to spend much on maintenance or repairs.   LED Stock Tickers can be used for displaying stocks only This is more of a huge misunderstanding and less of a myth. The term [...]

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