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LED ticker display

LED Ticker Display

Live stock market data, news headlines, RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, sports scores, and other information can be displayed on LED ticker. The majority of the content is displayed on an LED ticker display. These are real color modules that may be built towards any size and adjusted to take conical, curved, or circular shapes to blend in with the surroundings. Want to turn your walls into funky billboards? Allow Wink Ticker to assist you. Use variable heights and pixel pitches for LED stock ticker, LED crypto ticker, LED sports ticker, weather ticker display, LED RSS news ticker, custom led ticker, currency exchange ticker, commodities ticker and time zone ticker. These tickers are built with top-of-the-line hardware and software to meet ETL, UL, CE, CSA, and FCC standards, allowing them to function year after year without any issues.

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Styles to Choose From

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Ticker Design

Circular Design

Our cabinets can bend easily to make a curved concave/convex surface of 15° for each 500mm.
That’s not all – you get magnetically locked ticker tape modules, rear mounted receiver and
power packs to offer hassle-free connect and lock experience with your circular arrangements.
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Vertical Design

We can provide custom made interactive vertical led ticker towers with large display. Your ad
will travel vertically bottom to top (or top to bottom) on structural columns to add unexpected
charm to your space.
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Corner Design

These curved ticker tape systems can take the eyes to any corners or other custom angles of
your choice. The advertisement will go round the obstacles to fit any space of the wall without
compromising the quality.
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Outdoor Design

Our outdoor tickers can stand up to the harsh weather demands and draw attention of the
people passing by your business. It will turn your outside walls into colorful ad boards and keep
turning heads towards your store from hundreds of feet away.
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